What We Do

We extrude and commercialize architectural and industrial aluminum profiles. We commercialize glass, fittings, polycarbonates and plastics. We are committed to the goal of collaborating with our clients in order to achieve their business goals through the carrying out of their projects.

How We Do It

We listen carefully to our customers. We evaluate their needs and generate alternative options. We make their challenges ours.

What We Believe

We are dedicated to generating value and efficiency through the use of available resources. We think that the harmony of shared interests leads to long-term business relationships.

Our Values

  • Responsibility: We take on commitments that will culminate successfully
  • Opportunity: We listen with an open mind to the needs of our customers
  • Quality: We provide products and solutions that exceed standards
  • Respect: We establish long-term cordial relationships

Who We Are When We Do This

We are a dynamic company that brings together experienced professionals driven by best practices and motivated by customer satisfaction.

Why We Do This

We are gratified when we feel the satisfaction of our clients and we are excited when their goals are fulfilled.

Our Mission

Achieve levels of competitiveness, efficiency and international class quality for our clients and the aluminum industry.

Our Vision

To be a leader in the industry not only for its customer service but for its healthy sustained and sustainable growth.


  • Architectural aluminum profiles
  • Aluminum profiles for different industries
  • Special weights and measures
  • Wide variety of finishes
  • Wide range of templates
  • Wholesale, partial wholesale and retail

Download Catalog: National Line | European Line A | European Line B | European Line C | European Line D


  • Clear and Colored
  • Decorative
  • Tempered
  • Solar Controlled
  • Duo-vent
  • Wholesale, partial wholesale and retail


  • Great variety for aluminum installation
  • Accessories for different profile lines
  • Extensive assortment for tempered glass installation
  • Wholesale, partial wholesale and retail


  • Cellular
  • Solid
  • Corrugated
  • Variety of colors and measurements
  • Economic and special
  • Wholesale, partial wholesale and retail

Contact Us

Central Office Address

Nabor Carrillo 204, Colonia Vertice, Toluca Estado de México, México. CP 50090


Mark (00 52) first if outside of Mexico then: 722-217-9404 ext 203 722-690-2010 ext 203 722-690-2011 ext 203 722-690-2012 ext 203 If calling from a cell phone first mark (00 52 1)



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